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Lala is expanding its base to introduce new coffee trends to create the opportunity for home and workplace coffee drinkers to try new and original blends and brewing style.

Often cafes can be slow to adopt new trends so Coffee Lala is now producing a regular newsletter offering the latest in coffee styles and blends.

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>>Cold Filter Coffee

LALA LAND CRAFT BEER on tap at the Pour House in Hahei.

Neil of The Coromandel Brewing Company Pourhouse Bar in Hahei created his coffee and vanilla cream ale brewed from Coffee LaLa cold brewed coffee.
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News item updated: 05 December 2016

>>Drip Drip

Filter Coffee & Single Origins

When I moved to New Zealand in 1971 the coffee here was really bad. It was called coffee but that is as close as it got.Over the past 20 years things have changed and the trend up to now has been to Italian style espresso. Recently however there has been great interest in filter style brewing and single origin brews.
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News item updated: 23 May 2016

>>Fair Enough

Coffee LaLa & Fair Trade Coffee

A major concern is the sustainability of coffee production around the world. Climate change is ruining crops and making fungusís more damaging in places like Columbia and Ecuador. Additionally, the big coffee markets weasel the prices down to almost nothing, unconcerned by the growers welfare. Some growerís see no future for their children in this industry.
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News item updated: 23 May 2016

>>1st Crack

The Ethiopian Bean

Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee and home to the oldest plantations. The soil has made coffee for so many years that the beans grow slow and small, but in turn are super flavourful. Ethiopian beans that have to eke out of a harsh, arid environment are simply resinous and exquisite. These are well worth trying as light roasted single origin drip filter brew.
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News item updated: 23 May 2016

Judges go LaLa over coffee
Hauraki Herald Article - November 2006
News item updated: 14 May 2014

Coffee Roaster Awards - 2006
Waikato Times article
News item updated: 16 May 2016

Crazy Over LaLa
B-GUIDED MAGAZINE: Autumn/Winter 2005
News item updated: 01 May 2007

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