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Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee and home to the oldest plantations. The soil has made coffee for so many years that the beans grow slow and small, but in turn are super flavourful. Ethiopian beans are even organic as farmers canít afford to chemical fertilise or spray. Many coffee growing regions, for example Brazil, have massive production and I find their beans boring. Sure the beans grow big but theyíre just boring. Yet Ethiopian beans that have to eke out of a harsh, arid environment are simply resinous and exquisite. These are well worth trying as light roasted single origin drip filter brew

Theyíre so volatile, you have to roast them differently. When you roast them youíve got to slow right down, turn them off early, and if you get it just right itís like a super flavour. Thatís why I put Ethiopian beans in all our flat white blends. The oiliness of the Ethiopian comes through the milk just superb. On itís on its own its like drinking tea, you could even drink ten cups. Itís incredible! Then mixed in with the flat white, it gives an extra flavour through the milk. Ultimately, the hard life those beans endured mean they come out really special.

The Ethiopian bean goes into all our blends, except the fair trade organic, which is sourced from East Timor and Mexico. Since East Timor got their freedom from Indonesia, they started producing fantastic coffee. Probably my favourite bean. East Timor produces a tropically grown amazing, Ďwohoí bean, that is by far the opposite to the dry grown, hard little bean of Ethiopia. Are you keen to try an Ethiopian blend? Well, if you like plunger coffee then opt for the Lala medium blend; it has about 20% Ethiopian in it. If you want something darker through an expresso machine or you just prefer a stronger coffee, then the Ooh lala is what most of my cafes use. The next one is called La more; itís stronger than Ooh Lala, as it contains more Kenyan beans. Our Blends††Order now

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