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A major concern is the sustainability of coffee production around the world. Climate change is ruining crops and making fungus’s more damaging in places like Columbia and Ecuador. Additionally, the big coffee markets weasel the prices down to almost nothing, unconcerned by the growers welfare. Some grower’s see no future for their children in this industry.

This injustice initiated ethically traded groups such as the Fair Trade Organization and motivated some people to have personal relationships with growers. In both cases the growers are offered a better price than the world coffee exchange price. Coffee LaLa joined fair trade, so we now pay a percentage of our sales to go towards helping growers replant their trees and grow better coffee processing.

Our fair trade organic blend has won six awards already, and we’ve won consistently since 2001 couple this year. The fair trade organic blend tastes great, and surprisingly it’s actually quite good black or with milk. This is unusual because a lot of coffees that are roasted for milk drinks taste a little bit acidy when you try to drink them black, but this one works in both styles.

We would prefer using only fair trade for all of our coffees, but not every country deals with Fair Trade Organizations. Four out of the six origins we use are Fair Trade, so we’re getting there.

The fair trade representative I deal with works directly with the associated countries. I was told about one project where eight families united to build a central processing plant. This means all their beans are processed together and it’s a much more consistent production.

A visiting coffee manager from Ethiopia spoke at the specialty coffee association a couple of years ago. He said Ethiopia is trying to get organized so that instead of individuals growers processing their beans, a large co-op and central processing plants brings them all together for more efficiency and better marketing advantages and better quality control.

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